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Title: Game based learning: reasons why should we use games in Latin language and medical terminology course
Authors: Перекрест, Марина Ігорівна
Перекрест, Марина Игоревна
Perekrest, Maryna
Keywords: game-based learning
online games
teaching methods
Issue Date: 26-Nov-2021
Publisher: Астрая
Citation: Perekrest M. Game based learning: reasons why should we use games in Latin language and medical terminology course / M. Perekrest // Актуальні питання лінгвістики, професійної лінгводидактики, психології і педагогіки вищої школи : матеріали VI Міжнародної науково-практичної конференції, Полтава, 25–26 листопада 2021р. – Полтава : Астрая, 2021. – С. 244–246.
Abstract: Acquisition of language skills in the process of educational activity and the choice of effective methods of mastering educational material is one of the urgent problems of studying Latin and medical terminology in higher education. The practical purpose of this work is the problem of successful integration of lexical online games in the course "Latin language and medical terminology". At the initial stage, the basis for further understanding of Latin and medical terminology is laid.Game based used in the classroom of the Latin language and medical terminology of the language is an important component of the lesson. Observations show that games contribute to the fulfillment of important methodological tasks. They create psychological readiness of students for the lesson. Provide the natural need for multiple repetition of language material. Train students in choosing the right lexical component, which is preparation for the lesson. Game-based learning includes activities that are inherently similar to game-play. Gamification and game-based learning promote engagement and sustained motivation in learning, but they do not necessarily lead to improved learning outcomes. The game is a teaching tool that allows you to make the learning process exciting and interesting, and activates the mental activity of students. The game helps to create a trusting and relaxed atmosphere during the lesson, and helps to maintain students' interest in the subject. Online games, which are located on different educational platforms, are used as a means of developing lexical skills at the initial stage of learning Latin language and medical terminology, when play is an integral part of the learning process, is used regularly and systematically, based on program material and with the aim of active assimilation of lexical minimums.
Description: методика викладання
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