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Title: Topical issues of teaching latin to the foreign students of pharmacy
Authors: Харитонова, Наталія Вікторівна
Харитонова, Наталия Викторовна
Kharytonova, Natalya
Keywords: латинська мова
фармацевтична термінологія
лексичні одиниці
англомовні студенти
компаративний метод
Issue Date: 4-Jun-2021
Citation: Kharytonova N. V. Topical issues of teaching latin to the foreign students of pharmacy / N. V. Kharytonova // Сучасні тенденції вивчення та навчання іноземних мов : матеріали І Міжнародної науково-практичної конференції, Полтава, 4 червня 2021 р. ‒ Полтава : Астрая, 2021. ‒ С. 241‒244.
Abstract: The article addresses problematic issues related to the aspects of teaching Latin pharmaceutical terminology to English-speaking students, as the interfering influence of one foreign language leads to grammatical and lexical errors in another one. The article examines the phonetic differences associated with the pronunciation of individual letters and letter combinations; semantic inaccuracies, which are assumed by foreign students in the translation of pharmaceutical names, because the lack of certain grammatical categories in English causes some difficulties in mastering the principles of phrases. Particular attention is paid to the mastery of professional vocabulary and the typical errors in the operation of lexical units (memorization, coordination and word order) are considered in the nomenclature of medicines, botanical and chemical terms. In the process of researching the current topic, we have come to the conclusion that for a conscious mastery of professional language and more accurate understanding of special terms the comparative method should be actively used in explaining the new learning material in Latin.
Description: методика викладання
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