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Title: Methods of teaching students with phonological dyslexia
Authors: Lozenko, Viktoriia
Лозенко, Виктория Васильевна
Лозенко, Вікторія Василівна
Keywords: phonological dyslexia
methods of teaching
appropriate sounds
confusion of words
to distinguish syllables
interactive cards
Issue Date: 19-Feb-2021
Citation: Lozenko V. V. Methods of teaching students with phonological dyslexia / V. V. Lozenko // Modernization of the educational system : world trends and national peculiarities in a pandemic, Kaunas, Lithuania, 19 February 2021. – Kaunas, 2021. – P. 70‒72.
Abstract: The purpose of this work is to study methods of teaching foreign languages students with phonological dyslexia. Learning a foreign language, as a rule English, is a necessity in the XXI century. The career, promotion and some benefits depend on the fact how well a person masters English. Phonological dyslexia is difficulty reading due to trauma of the brain, blow or chronic disease. A person can read but it it is hard for him \ her to distinguish syllables, to find appropriate sounds for words. Therefore people suffering from phonological dyslexia often confuse such words as prescribe and describe, aside \ inside, however \ forever, pillow \ willow, brown \ crown, specific \ pacific, calculate \ culminate etc.
Description: methods of teaching
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