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Title: Pharmacotherapy of osteoporosis in males
Authors: Kniazkova, Iryna
Kuzminova, Natalia
Osovska, Natalia
Bogun, Мaryna
Keywords: osteoporosis
osteoporosis in males
antiosteoporotic drugs
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: Effect of stress on the development of arterial hypertension / І. І. Knyazkova, N. V.Kuzmіnova, N. Y. Osovska, M. V. Bogun // Лікарська справа. – 2016. – № 3/4. – С. 101–105.
Abstract: The article deals with the problems of osteoporosis (OP) treatment in male patients in whom the disease often remains undiagnosed and untreated despite the progress made in understanding the mechanisms of development, principles of diagnostics, prevention and treatment of OP. Medications used for the treatment and prevention of OP represent a large and diverse group of drugs according to their mechanism of action. A common property, allowing to combine these drugs in one pharmaceutical group, is their predominant influence on bone remodeling processes, as well as calcium homeostasis. In this article the results of clinical trials were examined according to the evaluation of the effectiveness of antiosteoporotic drugs in males with OP. Men with an increased risk of fractures should be recommended antiosteoporotic drugs, for which the evidence of efficacy in clinical trials in relevant cohorts of patients has been obtained.
ISSN: 0049-6804
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