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Title: Effect of stress on the development of arterial hypertension
Authors: Knyazkova, Iryna
Kuzminova, Natalia
Osovska, Natalia
Bogun, Мaryna
Keywords: arterial hypertension
occupational stress
psychosocial stress
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: Effect of stress on the development of arterial hypertension / І. І. Knyazkova, N. V.Kuzmіnova, N. Y. Osovska, M. V. Bogun // Лікарська справа. – 2016. – № 5/6. – С. 3–9.
Abstract: The system of cardiovascular regulation is the most sensitive to the influence of negative social and psychological factors which play an important role in the beginning and development of AH in most patients. In the present article we describe the results of clinical studies on the assessment of the impact of emotional stress, informational overload, occupational stress, degree of social integration and insomnia on the risk of AH development. In the recent studies it was demonstrated that depression, anxiety level and psycho-emotional stress are independent risk factors for cardiovascular pathology, which should be considered together with other generally recognized cardiovascular risk factors. The clinicians are faced with the task to develop optimal ways of influence on psychosocial risk factors. So it is necessary to clearly identify the most important of them, the mechanisms of their negative effect on cardiovascular pathology, as well as the implementation of preventive measures aimed at the prophylaxis of AH and its negative consequences.
ISSN: 0049-6804
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