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Title: Features of teaching the discipline of "Human anatomy" in mordern conditions
Authors: Lopushniak, Lesіa
Sukhonosov, Roman
Dmytrenko, Roman
Honcharenko, Valentina
Keywords: educational forms
Issue Date: 26-May-2021
Publisher: CPN
Citation: Features of teaching the discipline of "Human anatomy" in mordern conditions / L. Lopushniak, R. Sukhonosov, R. Dmytrenko, V. Honcharenko // Science and education: problems, prospects and innovations : Proceedings of the 9th International scientific and practical conference, Kyoto, Japan, 26–28 May 2021. – Kyoto, 2021. – P. 79–82.
Abstract: Among the low tasks facing higher educational institutions, the main one is to improve the quality of training of medical specialists and the use of modern information technologies during classes. The current environment dictates strict requirements for the training of qualified professionals who will have a high educational, scientific and cultural level, as well as the acquisition of accumulated human civilizational experience and the shaping of professional skills and competencies. Nowadays, under the conditions of pandemic in the world and active implementation of distance learning for students, relevant and priority importance is given to the methodological approach to teaching students the discipline of “Human Anatomy” and improvement of forms of pedagogical mastership.
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