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Title: Shereshevsky-Turner Syndrome : Guidelines for the training of interns, 5th year students
Other Titles: Синдром Шерешевського–Тернера : методичні вказівки для підготовки лікарів-інтернів, студентів 5-го курсу
Authors: Grechanina, Elena
Grechanina, Juliya
Molodan, Ludmila
Zdybskaya, Olena
Bugaeva, Olena
Efremova, Olesya
Oliinyk, Daria
Keywords: Shereshevsky-Turner Syndrome
Karyotype 45, X
Mosaicism 45, X / 46, XX or XY
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: Shereshevsky-Turner Syndrome : Guidelines in the discipline "Medical genetics" for the training of interns, 5th year students and cadet doctors of postgraduate education cycles / comp.: Ye. Ya. Grechanina, Yu. B. Grechanina, S. V. Beletskaya, L. V. Molodan, Ye. P. Zdybskaya, E. V. Buhaiova, O. A. Efremova, D. V. Oliinyk. – Kharkov : KhNMU, 2019. – 12 p.
Abstract: Shereshevsky-Turner Syndrome (SST) is caused by full or partial X-mono-somy, presented in all or part of the cells of the body. The relationship of the disease with a violation of the X chromosome was established by Ford in 1959. This chromosomal disease occurs with a frequency of 1 : 2 000 – 1 : 2 500 baby girls. Chromosomal abnormalities in this syndrome manifest as the absence of one of two chromosomes X: deletion of part of one chromosome X or translocation within the same chromosome X, various mosaic variants are also possible when the chromosome set is partially preserved. Only 1 % of embryos with karyotype 45, XO reach the fetal stage, others do not reach 28 weeks of gestation, about 10% of spontaneous abortions are associated with X mono-somy.
Description: Затверджено вченою радою ХНМУ. Протокол № 9 від 19.09.2019.
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