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Title: Clinical experience of treatment patients with single saved teeth
Authors: Yanishen, I.
Shepenko, A.
Breslavets, Natalya
Saliya, L.
Keywords: partial loss of teeth
single saved teeth
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Clinical experience of treatment patients with single saved teeth / I. V. Yаnishen, A. H. Shepenko, N. M. Breslavets, L. G. Saliya // Advances оf Science : Proceedings of articles the international scientific conference, Czech Republic, Karlovy Vary – Ukraine, Kyiv, 28 September 2018. – Karlovy Vary : Skleněný Můstek ; Kyiv : MCNIP, 2018. – Р. 18–23.
Abstract: The one of the most pathology of the dentoalveolar system its partial loss of teeth. Violation of the dentition leads to defects, to assess which developed different classifications, which are the basis of the wording of the Orthopedic diagnosis. Among them, the most famous classifications are Kennedy, A. I. Betelman, E.I. Gavrilov
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