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Title: Mathematical justification of design оf removable claspless denture
Authors: Yanishen, I.
German, Stanislav
Diudina, Iryna
Kuznetsov, R.
Fedotova, Olena
Keywords: removal partial dentures
A-silicone material
claspless denture
fixation of denture
design of denture
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: Mathematical justification of design оf removable claspless denture / I. Yanishen, S. German, I. Diudina, R. Kuznetsov, O. Fedotova // Medical Education. – 2017. – Volume 51, Issue 12 (2). – P. 1474–1479.
Abstract: Purpose: To improve the orthopedic treatment of patients with partial edentulism by using the mathematical justification of removable dentures with claspless fixation. Methods: The technique of making claspless partial dentures by using Asilicone material is based on the idea of using the elastic forces generated in the wedge-shaped body of elastic material under the influence of an external force, which resets the prosthesis. Based on the considerations, was developed a scheme of the model of the claspless denture and the mathematical modeling of the method of fixation of partial removable laminar dentures with elastic material, resulting in the special formula. Results: After analyzing the results, we suggest to use in the clinic simplified table. With their help you can easily determine the rationality of claspless denture, which is planned to produce on the technology that we offer. For this you need to determine the ratio of the magnitude undercut and height of the inclined teeth and to compare them with the data tables. Conclusion: Thus, the fixation and stabilization of the claspless denture will be carried out using wedge-shaped body of elastic material, the amount of which is calculated individually depending on the above parameters and fills the area between the denture and supporting teeth of the patient.
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