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Title: Research of autonomic supply of intellectual activity in young people
Authors: Isaieva, Inna
Karmazina, Iryna
Sultan, Mohamad
Keywords: autonomic supply
intellectual activity
young people
Issue Date: 14-May-2015
Publisher: Харківський національний медичний університет
Citation: Mohamad Sultan. Research of autonomic supply of intellectual activity in young people / Mohamad Sultan, I. N. Isaeva, I. S. Karmazina // 8th International Scientific Interdisciplinary Congress for medical students and young doctors (14-15 May, 2015) : аbstract book. – Kharkiv : KNMU, 2015. – Р. 32–33.
Abstract: According to neurophysiology, there is a difference in the levels of the activity of different parts of the cortex hemispheres between males and females, which is manifested by the difference of speed of decision making, and reactivity, accompanied by different levels of physiological changes of some vital signs, such as elevating the heart rate, and blood pressure, as it can be seen in the results of the stroop test. Aim. To investigate the differences of autonomic supply
Description: 1. Our study shows that in females compared to that in males, which can be seen in the mistakes average in females (1.7) and in males (0.8), probably because females tend to act faster (average 25.7 sec) than males (27 sec in average- which is longer in 4.8%), because the HR and BP rise more in females the activity of these cortices is higher and the error rate is higher. 2. The autonomic supply and reactivity of the autonomic nervous system is higher in females as it can be seen by more “effective” results in oculocardiac reflex test, where the HR in females decreases 1.7 times more than males.
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