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Title: Occupational diseases
Other Titles: Професійні хвороби
Authors: Kostyuk, Inna
Костюк, Інна Федорівна
Костюк, Инна Федоровна
Kapustnik, Valeriy
Капустник, Валерій Андрійович
Капустник, Валерий Андреевич
Keywords: occupational diseases
професійні хвороби
профессиональные болезни
Issue Date: 2005
Citation: Kostyuk I. Occupational Diseases : manual / I. Kostyuk, V. Kapustnyk. – Kharkiv : Osnova, 2005. – 400 p.
Abstract: Basic forms of occupational pathologies and their classification have been described in the manual. Issues on regional occupational diseases with the consideration of peculiarities and the structure of public economy of Ukraine have been considered. New data on pathogenesis, clinical symptomatology, development, treatment and organization of dispensary care have been suggested. Recommendations on rendering urgent medical assistance in case of some grave conditions and poisoning in clinics to treat occupational diseases have been provided. Principles on organization of conduct of medical examinations and solving expert questions in compliance with the regulations of recent acts have been analyzed. For students and residents (interns)
ISBN: 966-637-361-0
Appears in Collections:Навчально-методичні видання. Кафедра внутрішніх та професійних хвороб

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