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Title: Colorectal cancer: factors of the early recognition
Authors: Лупальцов, Владимир Иванович
Шальков, Юлий Леонидович
Lupaltsov, V.
Shalkov, Y.
Keywords: Colorectal cancer
Risk factors
Issue Date: 2013
Citation: Lupaltsov V. Colorectal cancer: factors of the early recognition / V. Lupaltsov Y. Shalkov // Colorectal disease : ESCP 8 th scientific and annual meeting, 25–27 september 2013, Belgrade, Serbia. – Belgrade, 2013. – Vol. 15, Suppl. 3. – P. 111.
Abstract: To improve the early diagnostics of a colorectal cancer based on the screening of non-profile ambulance patients and the development of questionnaires. Approbation of the developed survey schemes allowed improved early diagnosis of colorectal cancer in 9.7% of cases.
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