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Title: Specificity of learning latin grammar rules for medical students
Authors: Перекрест, Марина Ігорівна
Перекрест, Марина Игоревна
Perekrest, Maryna
Keywords: Latin
grammar rules
educational process
Latin language and medical terminology
Issue Date: 14-Apr-2021
Publisher: ХНМУ
Citation: Perekrest M. Specificity of learning latin grammar rules for medical students / M. Perekrest // Методологія та практика лінгвістичної підготовки іноземних студентів : матеріали Всеукраїнської науково-практичної конференції, м. Харків, 14 квітня 2021 р. – Харків : ХНМУ, 2021. – С. 94–96.
Abstract: For the first-year students, Latin is a new subject that has not been previously studied at the initial stage of study, this discipline causes many difficulties in mastering the material. The main objective of the course “Latin language and medical terminology" is to teach the students Latin terminology , which helps to acquire practical skills and the ability to use them in the professional field. The priority direction is to teach students Latin and Greco-Latin terminology, since Latin is directly related to the rest of the disciplines that students study at medical faculties. Latin language is studied in accordance with the plan of the educational process of medical faculties in the first year, acting as a kind of base for students, and laying the foundation for understanding of international medical terminology in both: native and foreign languages. Studying Latin language is a necessary step for the education of a future doctor. The course “Latin language and medical terminology" should be regarded as a discipline with high potential, which connects this subject with most of the subjects. The immediate issue of the teacher is to remind students that the skills and knowledge will be applied in the further learning process. What is more, general integration of Latin into all medical theoretical and clinical scientific branches.
Description: teaching methodology
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