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Title: Writing as a method of teaching people with phonological dyslexia
Authors: Lozenko, Viktoriia
Лозенко, Виктория Васильевна
Лозенко, Вікторія Василівна
Keywords: phonological dyslexia
disorder of mental process
problem of dyslexia
rearrangement of syllables
correlation the colour and the syllable
Issue Date: 1-Apr-2021
Citation: Lozenko V. V. Writing as a method of teaching people with phonological dyslexia / V. V. Lozenko // Сучасний рух науки : матеріали науково-практичної конференції, Дніпро, 1‒2 квітня 2021 р. – Дніпро, 2021. – С. 41‒42.
Abstract: Phonological dyslexia is known to be difficulty to distinguish syllables due to trauma of the brain or abnormal condition connected with disorder of mental process. Researchers (M. Bruck, F. R. Vellutino and D. M. Scanlon) have outlined the problem of dyslexia. M. Bruck focuses that dyslexics show “slow word-recognition skills” in spite of the availability of reading comprehension . It is connected with poor knowledge of similar and specific features of syllables. There is a large number of means for correcting phonological dyslexia. One of them is writing. People through writing retain memory, try to distinguish similar and different syllables in words. It is worth focusing on the fact that it is hard for such people to make the difference between words as regards to rearrangement of syllables. For instance, people with phonological dyslexia can confuse such words as “to prescribe” \ “to describe”, “specific” \ “pacific”, “willow” \ “pillow”, “brown” \ “crown”, “aside” \ “inside”, “rose” \ “nose”, “liver” \ “river”, “however” \ “forever”, “cry” \ “dry” \ “sky” etc. The main task for a teacher, provided by cooperative work with a specialist doctor, is to explain to a student the importance of writing and pronunciation of syllables in words.
Description: Methods of teaching
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