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Title: Features of indicators of the hemostasis system in healthy pregnant women
Authors: Hloba, Nataliia
Isaieva, Inna
Karmazina, Iryna
Keywords: Circadian rhythms
food intake patterns
Issue Date: 28-Mar-2019
Citation: Features of indicators of the hemostasis system in healthy pregnant women / N. S. Hloba, I. M. Isaeva, I. S. Karmazina // Topical Issues of Modern Medicine : Abstracts of XV International Scientific Conference of Students, Scientists and Specialists, Kharkiv, March 28–29, 2019. – Kharkiv : V. N. Karazin KhNU, 2019. – Р. 343–344.
Abstract: Circadian rhythms manifest in food intake, appetite, digestion and metabolism, that is determined in variation of levels of hormones, absorption and transport of proteins carbohydrates, lipids, etc. (S. Almoosawi et al., 2016). Connection between meal schedule and circadian clock can become a vicious circle, as their misalignment may greatly influence the metabolic state of an organism causing weight changes, overweight and obesity development, increased risk of metabolic syndrome, gastrointestinal disorders, diabetes of type 2, cardiovascular diseases, etc. (S. Banks et al., 2015), that endangers people’s health, and vice versa, realignment of biological clock with food plan can be a simple means of body weight normalization and health maintenance, thus providing the importance of researches going in that field.
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