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Title: Mathematical modeling of oxygen effect under irradiation of cell DNA with X-rays or gamma radiation
Authors: Knigavko, Volodymyr
Trofymenko, Sergey
Ponomarenko, Nataliya
Zaytseva, Olga
Bondarenko, Maryna
Keywords: X-ray and gamma-radiation
oxygen effect
eukaryotic cells
radiative DNA breaks
Issue Date: Feb-2017
Citation: Mathematical modeling of oxygen effect under irradiation of cell DNA with X-rays or gamma radiation / V. G. Knigavko, S. V. Trofymenko, N. S. Ponomarenko, M. A. Bondarenko // European Applied Science. – 2017. – N 1. – P. 3–5.
Abstract: Oxygen effect is a one of the most famous and important radiobiological effects. There is a large number of experimental data reflecting one or another aspect of this effect now. However, there is not yet developed a convincing mathematical model of the oxygen effect. Thus, the creation of a mathematical model of the oxygen effect is an important step in the study of this phenomenon (effect). t should immediately be noted that the degree of oxygen effect depends on the type of radiation used in the irradiation, and this is due to the fact that the mechanisms of radiation damage vary considerably for different types of radiation. Also significantly different mechanisms of this effect are in vivo and vitro. The oxygen effect is the most strongly manifested in the irradiation of biological objects by X-ray or gamma radiation, which is the reason for this phenomenon was modeling for the above types of radiation. The purpose of the modeling in submitted study is to determine the character of the functional dependence of the number of DNA radiation breaks on the radiation dose and on the oxygen concentration in the irradiated medium containing living eukaryotic cells. Obtained in modeling results allow to propose a mathematical model of the oxygen effect, based on the known experimental data concerning nature of the oxygen effect.
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