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Title: Use of various forms of pedagogic work in medical students training
Authors: Andrusha, Alina
Keywords: Medicine
medical students
Issue Date: 18-Apr-2018
Citation: Andrusha A. B. Use of various forms of pedagogic work in medical students training / A. B. Andrusha // Система повышения квалификации педагогических кадров в ВУЗах Узбекистана: опыт, приоритеты и перспективы развития = Ўзбекистон отм педагог кадрларининг малакасини ошириш тизими: тажриба, ютуқлар ва ривожланиш истиқболлари = System of improvement in pedagogical staff qualification in higher educational institutions of Uzbekistan: experience, priorities and prospects of development : материалы научно-практической конференции, Ташкент, 18 апреля 2018 г. – Ташкент, 2018. – С. 25.
Abstract: Medicine is connected with many sciences, and close communications are most clearly traced between medicine and pedagogics.One of the logical explanations of this fact is the similarity of the professional thinking of a doctor and a teacher.In the history of medicine, there are many examples when doctors became excellent educators. For example, the doctor of medicine, professor Maria Montessori has introduced her unorthodox method of upbringing of preschool age children. The famous surgeon Pirogov became a teacher for his followers and formulated ideas that were used in pedagogy. Dr. Benjamin Spock made a tremendous contribution to pedagogical science, namely in the field of parent-child relationships. A practitioner often has to show his pedagogical skills in the sanitary-educational work with patients, in teaching patients and, of course, passing of his knowledge to less experienced colleagues. In the system of training medical students, the use of pedagogical knowledge and skills is an integral part of medical education
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