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Title: Dislipidemia, definition, diagnostics and treatment
Authors: Ashcheulova, Tetyana
Gerasimchuk, Nina
Demydenko, Ganna
Kompaniiets, Kira
Kochubiei, Oksana
Keywords: dyslipidemia
very low density lipoproteins
low density lipoproteins
high density lipoproteins
Issue Date: Dec-2017
Citation: Dislipidemia, definition, diagnostics and treatment / Т. V. Ashcheulova, N. N. Gerasimchuk, G. V. Demydenko, K. N. Kompaniiets, O. A. Kochubiei // Лікарська справа. – 2017. – № 8 (1145). – С. 33–38.
Abstract: The review article presents the pathogenetic role of atherosclerotic vascular lesions in the development of cardiovascular diseases. The relationship between atherosclerosis and inflammation, which is characterized by the identical mechanism in the early phases, which includes the enhancement of the interaction between the vascular endothelium and circulating leukocytes is shown. The definition of such concepts as dyslipidemia, hyperlipoproteinemia and hyperlipidemia is given. The classification of hyperlipoproteinemia by Fredrickson, the clinical classification of dyslipidemia, proposed by the Ukrainian Scientific Society of Cardiologists, 2007 is considered. The correction of dyslipidemia, by both non-medicamentous measures, and drug treatment according to different variants of dyslipidemia is shown. The main groups of lipid-lowering drugs are listed. Their main mechanisms of action to reduce blood lipid levels are noted, and their side effects are listed. General recommendations are given on the monitoring of lipids and liver enzymes in patients taking lipid-lowering therapy.
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