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Title: Sources of bleeding during IVC tumour thrombi removal: MDCT examination
Authors: Лісовий, Володимир Миколайович
Щукін, Дмитро Володимирович
Алтухов, Олексій Олександрович
Савенков, Володимир Ілліч
Ілюхін, І.
Хареба, Геннадій Геннадійович
Єрмоленко, Тамара Іванівна
Lisovyi, Volodymyr
Shchukin, Dmytro
Altukhov, Oleksiy
Savenkov, V.
Ilyukhin, I.
Khareba, Gennadiy
Yermolenko, T.
Keywords: tumour thrombus
inferior vena cava
Issue Date: 23-Mar-2016
Citation: Sources of bleeding during IVC tumour thrombi removal: MDCT examination / V. Lesovoy, D. V. Shchukin, O. Altukhov, V. Savenkov, Y. Ilyukhin, G. Khareba, T. Yermolenko // European Urology. – 2016. – Vol. 14, iss. 2, suppl. – P. e815.
Abstract: The purpose of this study was to investigate the sources of bleeding from the lumen of the inferior vena cava (IVC) during removal of the tumour thrombus. We have studied the MDCT anatomy of the posterior tributaries of the IVC, including variant lumbar veins and lumbar veins of the infrarenal IVC. The variant lumbar veins rarely are the main source of bleeding during thrombectomy. The right upper lumbar veins of the infrarenal IVC draining into the inferior vena cava in close proximity to the mouths of the renal veins played the leading role in this matter. Before the operation a surgeon must carefully plan the stage of vascular thrombus isolation and evaluate the anatomy of the upper lumbar veins with the use of the data of medical imaging.
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