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Title: Pecularities of vocal load of chemistry teachers in medical university
Authors: Syrovaya, Anna
Peretyaga, Ludmila
Makarov, Volodymyr
Andreeva, Svetlana
Tishakova, Tatyana
Keywords: voice
functional voice disorders
vocal culture
professional training
Issue Date: Jun-2016
Citation: Pecularities of vocal load of chemistry teachers in medical university / A. O. Syrovaya, L. E. Peretyaga, V. A. Makarov, S. V. Andreeva, T. S. Tishakova // The scientific heritage. – 2016. – V. 1, № 1 (1). – Р. 35–39.
Abstract: Teachers' professional activity in all fields is connected with high local load that has an adverse effect on their vocal apparatus. Additionally, specific factors associated with teacher's specialization affect too. Analysis of factors of professional activity of chemistry teachers in medical university has been done in this article. It was found that majority of teachers have insufficient level of knowledge about voice, can’t use it correctly and effectively that results in occurrence of medical and psychological problems of different degree. Authors suggest that one of the effective ways of complex problem solving is a formation of teachers' vocal culture. This helps not only to learn how to reduce negative impact of professional activity factors on their vocal apparatus but promotes taking of skills to keep vocal apparatus in healthy and good working state. Concept «vocal culture» consists of two multi-faceted concepts «voice» and «culture» every of which has several representations. Such as this concept is a new authors reveal structure of vocal culture and describe main ways of realization of this process which can pass spontaneously, by partially organized and specially organized way. The best result can be reached by the formation of vocal culture with special organized way during teachers' professional training. Problem of vocal culture formation for active teachers can be solved with the help of qualification upgrading courses and holding of travelling seminar-workshops at working places.
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