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Title: Relation of postmortem changes development and exact postmortem interval
Authors: Grygorian, Edgar
Olkhovsky, Vasil
Gubin, Mykola
Keywords: forensic medicine
forensic medical examination
postmortem interval
Issue Date: 2020
Citation: Grygorian E. Relation of postmortem changes development and exact postmortem interval / E. Grygorian, V. Olkhovsky, M. Gubin // Inter Сollegas. – 2020. – Vol. 7, № 2. – P. 72–75.
Abstract: Purpose: Precise postmortem interval evaluation is crucial in cases when violent types of death are suspected by a forensic medical examiner. There are different factors that could affect results of postmortem interval (PMI) evaluation by a forensic medical expert. The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between the known postmortem time interval and the degree of particular postmortem changes development. Materials and Methods: A cross-sectional analysis of 116 forensic medical examinations of deceased persons (of them, 58 females and 58 males), in cases of non-violent death, was performed. The data about the time of death was obtained from police preliminary records provided to the examination - only the cases with known time of death were included in the study. Postmortem changes were evaluated by Total Body Score (TBS) [1] at equal time interval after death (48 hours ± 3 hours). Interconnection between postmortem changes degree and PMI was estimated using Spearman's rank correlation. Difference between sexes was evaluated using Mann-Whitney U test. Results: "Thickness of clothes" criterion reached the highest positive correlation coefficient, "ambient temperature" criterion had also a significant positive correlation. The rest of the studied criteria had very weak correlation with the development of postmortem changes. Conclusions: Several criteria had significant (p < 0.05), yet week, impact on the postmortem changes development. The other criteria were statistically insignificant.
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