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Title: Miscarriage : Guidelines
Other Titles: Невиношування вагітності : методичні вказівки для студентів
Authors: Grechanina, Elena
Grechanina, Juliya
Molodan, Ludmila
Zdybskaya, Olena
Bugaeva, Olena
Efremova, Olesya
Oliinyk, Daria
Keywords: Miscarriage
Guidelines in the discipline "Medical genetics"
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: Miscarriage : Guidelines in the discipline "Medical genetics" for the training of interns, 5th year students and cadet doctors of postgraduate education cycles / comp.: Ye. Ya. Grechanina, Yu. B. Grechanina, S. V. Beletskaya, L. V. Molodan, Ye. P. Zdybskaya, E. V. Bugaeva, O. A. Efremova, T. A. Mayboroda, T. B. Pilipenko, D. V. Oliinyk. – Kharkov : KhNMU, 2019. – 16 p.
Abstract: Miscarriage – spontaneous abortion in the period from conception to 37 weeks, counting from the first day of the last menstruation. Abortion in the period from conception to 22 weeks is called spontaneous abortion (miscarriage). Termination of pregnancy from 28 weeks to 37 weeks is called preterm birth. The frequency of spontaneous miscarriages is from 15–20 % of all desired pregnancies. It is believed that a large number of very early and subclinical leaking miscarriages are not included in the statistics. Many researchers believe that spontaneous miscarriage of the first trimester is a tool of natural selection; thus, in the study of abortion, 60–80 % of embryos with chromosomal abnormalities are found.
Description: Затверджено вченою радою ХНМУ. Протокол № 8 від 19.09.2019.
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