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Title: Medical and Biological Physics : lectures
Authors: Knigavko, Volodymyr
Zaytseva, Olga
Bondarenko, Maryna
Batyuk, Liliya
Keywords: medical and biological physics
Issue Date: 22-Nov-2018
Citation: Medical and Biological Physics [Electronic source] : lectures : [10 presentation PowerPoint] / V. Knigavko, O. Zaytseva, L. Batyuk, M. Bondarenko ; Kharkov National Medical University. – Kharkiv, 2016.
Abstract: Achievements in modern medicine are substantially linked to progress in biophysics, cybernetics, informatics and medical electronics. Medical and biological physics methods are a basis for developing new techniques in diagnostics and treatment. These methods are being widely introduced into the practice of research laboratories because, in many cases, understanding of the origin of diseases is based on identifying their biophysical mechanisms. This explains the necessity for students of medical universities to study the basic concepts of medical and biological physics.
Description: Курс из 10 лекций-презентаций
10 presentation PowerPoint]
Appears in Collections:Лекційні матеріали для студентів. Кафедра медичної та біологічної фізики і медичної інформатики

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Lecture 01 - TP+RV_Repo.pptLecture 1: Probability Theory and Random Variables2,55 MBMicrosoft PowerpointView/Open
Lecture 02 - Math stat_Repo.pptLecture 2: Mathematical Statistics274 kBMicrosoft PowerpointView/Open
Lecture 03 - Biorheol_Repo.pptLecture 3: Biorheology and Hemodynamics1,81 MBMicrosoft PowerpointView/Open
Lecture 04 - Bioacoustics_Repo.pptLecture 4: Bioacoustics2,96 MBMicrosoft PowerpointView/Open
Lecture 05 - ECG_Repo.pptLecture 5: Electrocardiography3,54 MBMicrosoft PowerpointView/Open
Lecture 06 - DTP_Repo.pptLecture 6: Electric Fields and Currents Effects2,7 MBMicrosoft PowerpointView/Open
Lecture 07- Geom_Optics_Repo.pptLecture 7: Geometrical Optics2,19 MBMicrosoft PowerpointView/Open
Lecture 08 - Polarization_Repo.pptLecture 8: Light Polarization1,18 MBMicrosoft PowerpointView/Open
Lecture 09 - X-Radiation_Repo.pptLecture 9: X-Radiation1,78 MBMicrosoft PowerpointView/Open
Lecture 10 - Dosimetry_Repo.pptLecture 10: Dosimetry5,2 MBMicrosoft PowerpointView/Open

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