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Title: Combined treatment of hemangiomas
Authors: Вівчарук, Вікторія Петрівна
Пащенко, Юрій Володимирович
Pashchenko, Yu.V.
Vivcharuk, V.P.
Keywords: hemangioma
combined treatment
Issue Date: 7-Sep-2018
Citation: Pashchenko Yu. V. Combined treatment of hemangiomas / Yu. V. Pashchenko, V. P. Vivcharuk // International conference on pediatric surgery & neurosurgery – 2018 : theses conference abstracts, Yerevan, Armenia, 6–7 september 2018. – Yerevan, 2018. – Р. 81.
Abstract: Infantile hemangioma is a benign vascular tumor in young children with a characteristic life cycle (proliferative, involutive phases), which is also a unique model of postnatal vasculogenesis, angiogenesis and vascular regression. Tumor growth is conditioned by the influence of pro-angiogenic factors. Considerable part of complications develops precisely in the proliferation phase. A rapid increase in hemangiomas is an indication for treatment, which should be based on the age of the patient, localization, size and aggressiveness of the growth.
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