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Тезисы Кафедра Физиологии 1.pdf.jpg2016-05-18Stem cells: the face of modern healthcareChakraborty, S.; Isaieva, Inna; Karmazina, Iryna
2017-09-18Development of communicative potential as an important part of higher medical educationMarakushyn, Dmytro; Karmazina, Iryna; Isaieva, Inna; Hloba, Nataliia
Тезисы Кафедра Физиологии 7.pdf.jpg2016-05-18Immune response and malariaMuppala, Pooja; Harsha, Vardhini N.; Karmazina, Iryna; Isaieva, Inna
2.pdf.jpg2015-05-12Circulatory dynamics during exerciseBrian Amoah-Danful, Andrew; Кармазина, Ирина Станиславовна; Исаева, Инна Николаевна; Karmazina, Iryna; Isaieva, Inna
Тезисы Кафедра Физиологии 11.pdf.jpg2016-05-18Contraception: physiological methodsRasanpreet, Kaur; Ekpreet, Kaur; Hloba, Nataliia; Isaieva, Inna; Karmazina, Iryna
4.pdf.jpg2015-05-12Rest, stress and its effects on mental and physical activityOluronbi Olubunmi, Ifeolu; Кармазина, Ирина Станиславовна; Исаева, Инна Николаевна; Isaieva, Inna; Karmazina, Iryna
М3Т Физиология 1.pdf.jpg2016-01-19Features of adaptive responses to physical activity in young persons with arterial hypotensionGloba, N.; Isaieva, Inna; Karmazina, Iryna
Тезисы Кафедра Физиологии 6.pdf.jpg2016-05-18Cardiopulmonary resuscitationLovepreet, Kaur Sodhi; Isaieva, Inna; Karmazina, Iryna
ISIC_4.pdf.jpg2015-05-14Research of autonomic supply of intellectual activity in young peopleIsaieva, Inna; Karmazina, Iryna; Sultan, Mohamad
P16_Чернякова.pdf.jpg2016-07-29Dynamics of cytokines concentrations in blood serum of larynx squamous carcinoma patientsKarmazina, Iryna; Cherniakova, A.; Isaieva, Inna; Hloba, Nataliia