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Title: Medical, moral and social problems of gene engineering, cloning
Authors: Kompaniiets, Kira
Ashcheulova, Tetyana
Akaninyene, Unaam Edidiong
Keywords: M gene engineering
Issue Date: 31-Mar-2015
Citation: Akaninyene U. E. Medical, moral and social problems of gene engineering, cloning / U. E. Akaninyene, K. Kompaniiets, T. Ashcheulova // Implementation of bioethics principles in clinical practice : IV International Scientific student's conference dedicated to the 210th anniversary of Kharkiv National Mеdical University, Kharkiv, 31th of March 2015 : abstract book. – Kharkiv, 2015. – P. 11.
Abstract: Medical, moral and social problems of gene engineering, cloning 1. It is true that nature is considered as one of the complex thing that is associated in a food chain. There are scientists who believe that the existence of hereditary modified genes had an irreversible effect that are also associated with some consequences. 2. Genetic engineering can hinder the moral issues particularly in religion. They also wonder if man has the ability and right to influence the course and law of nature. 3. There are also professional scientists who manipulated the so called genetic sequence to obtain the main purpose of human reproduction organs that are intended for health purposes. 4. The process of genetic engineering is quite tricky and risky process and you need to gather a wide variety of information before attempting to engage in the process of genetic engineering. The genetic engineering process involves gene and chromosome that has the ability to control the body characteristics. The bacteria that is present in the human body has the potential to live healthy life however with the help of Genetic engineering, human intervention can actively manipulated and the existence of bacteria can easily determined. It is very imperative that you are aware about some of the advantages and disadvantages of genetic engineering and how they affect the life of animal, plant and people. To gather valuable information about genetic engineering, browsing the web can be a great help.
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