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Welcome to the Repository of
Kharkov National Medical University

Repository of Kharkiv National Medical University's - it's an open electronic archive of materials for scientific and teaching-learning purposes, created by scientists, teachers and other university staff and students

Repository created by order of the rector KhNMU on May 26, 2011 № 186 according to the decision of the Academic Council KhNMU on March 17, 2011 to provide free access to educational materials and research results, and also for increasing of citation of the university scientist's publications

Placement in the repository are recommended for faculty, researchers, graduate students and other staff of KhNMU for its researches, educational and methodological materials and lectures, etc.

Terms ofrepository of Kharkiv National Medical University

Agreement on transfer of non-exclusive rights to use the author's work

Algorithm for user registration and posting of materials

Examples of bibliographic descriptions of documents

Memo for moderators: useful tips of effective operation with repository of KhNMU

With questions and proposals, please contact the project coordinator Tatyana Borisovna Pavlenko (Scientific Library, Building B) or e-mail repository@knmu.kharkov.ua

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Матеріали наукових форумів ХНМУ [136]
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Наукова бібліотека [1075]
Науково-дослідний інститут гігієни праці та профзахворювань ХНМУ [32]
Періодичні видання ХНМУ [233]
Підготовче відділення для іноземних громадян [3]
Служба інтелектуальної власності [17]
Університетська клініка ХНМУ [27]
Університетський стоматологічний центр ХНМУ [0]


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