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Title: Basics of bioethics and biosafety in Pakistan
Authors: Muhammad, Waleed Jabbar
Gerasimchuk, N.
Ashcheuova, T.
Keywords: Health Research System
National Bioethics Committee
Issue Date: 10-Nov-2016
Publisher: Muhammad Waleed Jabbar. Basics of bioethics and biosafety in Pakistan / JabbarMuhammad Waleed, N. Gerasimchuk // Сучасні методи діагностики в клініці внутрішніх хвороб та їх етичні аспекти, матеріали 6-ї наукової студентської конференції, присвяченої 60 річчю клінічної бази каф. ПВМ № 1, ОББЖ, Харків, 10 листопада 2016 року. – Харків, 2016. – С. 13–14.
Abstract: The tremendous advances in the field of modern medicine have while on the one hand, brought immense benefits for human kind, on the other increased the potential for harm many folds also. To minimize harm and protect the interest of individuals, guidelines and mechanisms need to be put in place within the Health Systems of countries. The issue of ethics in health research is being given increasing recognition and importance internationally. The International community and donors are now not willing to recognize and fund research, which has not been put up to ethical scrutiny and received ethical clearance.
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