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88-92.pdf.jpg2016Intersystem integration in terms of the educational process in the initial courses of higher medical schoolЧернобай, Л.В.; Маракушин, Д.И.; Васильева, Р.В.; Кармазина, И. С.; Marakushyn, Dmytro; Chernobay, Larysa; Vasylieva, O.; Karmazina, Iryna
ISIC 2016 Physyology 4.pdf.jpg2016-05-19Psycho-physiological factors of adaptation in medical students to prolonged action of informational stressMartynenko, A.; Zelenskaya, A.
ISIC 2016 Physyology 6.pdf.jpg2016-05Intersystem relations of cardiorespiration system in medical students during the studing in universitySharapova, A.; Bausova, O.
ISIC 2016 Physyology 7.pdf.jpg2016-05Features of manifestation of communicative abilites among young persons with different types of functional assymetryShenger, S.; Bulynina, Oksana
ISIC-KarmazinaCherniak.pdf.jpg2016-05-19Role of cervical canal screening in diagnostics and therapy of cervix uteri pathologyCherniakova, A.; Karmazina, Iryna
Гончарова кв.pdf.jpg2018-09-28Adipokines and interleukin-17 are the link of regulatory mechanism in kidneyGoncharova, Аlina
М3Т Физиология 1.pdf.jpg2016-01-19Features of adaptive responses to physical activity in young persons with arterial hypotensionGloba, N.; Isaieva, Inna; Karmazina, Iryna
ISIC 2016 Physyology 3.pdf.jpg2016-05-19The investigation of the mental efficiency in the dynamics of the educational motivation development in students with the individual characteristics of the inner time flow rateKolotilov, A.; Likha, V.; Kovalyov, Maxym
ISIC 2016 Physyology 1.pdf.jpg2016-05The effect of chronic electrical stimulation on the muscles physiological properties in patients with myotonic dystrophy type 1Sader, Abbas; Adeem, F.Y.; Vasylieva, O.
ISIC 2016 Physyology 2.pdf.jpg2016-05Study of the effect of background color of medical students to intelectual loadsChirva, A.; Sokol, E.