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Kotsur V.E., Kucherenko I.O., Hloba N.S..pdf.jpg2017-01-16Interdependence of meteosensitivity level and type of higher nervous activity in young peopleKotsur, V.; Kucherenko, I.; Hloba, Nataliia
Morpho2.pdf.jpg2016-10Role of electron microscopy in early diagnostics of squamous cell papiloma malignizationKarmazina, Iryna; Lukashova, O.; Cherniakova, A.; Isaieva, Inna; Hloba, Nataliia
P16_Чернякова.pdf.jpg2016-07-29Dynamics of cytokines concentrations in blood serum of larynx squamous carcinoma patientsKarmazina, Iryna; Cherniakova, A.; Isaieva, Inna; Hloba, Nataliia
Bibhu Charan Nayak.pdf.jpg2007-05-16Application of cardioplegic solution in clinical practiceBibhu, Charan Nayak; Hloba, Nataliia; Isaieva, Inna
Kucherenko I.O., Novikova D.S., Kotsur V.E..pdf.jpg2017-05-16Peculiarities of meteopathy levels in young people from different countriesKucherenko, I.; Novikova, D.; Kotsur, V.; Hloba, Nataliia
ISIC-Глоба.pdf.jpg2017-05Features of functional reserves in young people with Various level of predisposition to psychosomatic DisordersHloba, Nataliia; Palchinsky, V.; Sarancha, T.
Chernobay, Hloba, Isaeva, Karmazina.pdf.jpg2017-05-18Application of simulation technologies in teaching of theoretical disciplines in medical universityChernobay, Larysa; Hloba, Nataliia; Isaieva, Inna; Karmazina, Iryna
1 - Addepalli Santhosh.pdf.jpg2017-05-16Role of gait analysis in diagnostics of neurological diseasesAddepalli, Santhosh; Hloba, Nataliia; Hloba, A.
Omar Bajbouj, Mahmoud Alsharif.pdf.jpg2017-05-16Acute myeloid leukemiaBajbouj, Omar; Alsharif, Mahmoud; Hloba, Nataliia; Karmazina, Iryna
Sabareesh Sridharan, Baskar Kalaivani, Rajasaimani Kandeeswari.pdf.jpg2017-05-16Blood pressure levels in trained and untrained foreign studentsSridharan, Sabareesh; Kalaivani, Baskar; Kandeeswari, Rajasaimani; Hloba, Nataliia