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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-12-15Crown defects of teeth. Etiology. Clinical presentation. Diagnostics. Restoration of anatomical form of the teeth by artificial crowns.Томилин, Вячеслав Геннадиевич; Tomilin, V.
2015-12-15Maxillofacial orthopedics. Goals and objectives. Classification of jaw fractures. Clinical, diagnostic, orthopedic treatmentТомилин, Вячеслав Геннадиевич; Tomilin, V.
2015-12-15Anatomical and physiological features of the basal seat area tissues in edentulous jaws. the doctrine of the dentures fixation in edentulous jaws. impression making in edentulous patientsТомилин, Вячеслав Геннадиевич; Tomilin, V.
2015Patient’s examination in orthopedic dentistry clinic. Clinical methods of examination. Additional (special) methods of examination. Diagnostic procedures in orthopedic dentistry.Томилин, Вячеслав Геннадиевич; Tomilin, V.
2014Excessive attrition of hard tissue teethDudina, I.
2015Occlusion. Factors of occlusion. The clinical meaning recovery the individual occlusion, means and stages it's achievements.Dudina, I.
2014Orthopedic dentistry as the medical science. Organs of masticatory system and their functionDudina, I.
2015-12-15Adaptation to removable prosthesis in orthopedic treatment of dentition partial defects. Mistakes and complications in orthopedic treatment by removable denturesТомилин, Вячеслав Генадиевич; Tomilin, V.
2015-12-15Orthopedic treatment (restoration) of DENTition defects (partial adentia) by dental fixed bridges.Томилин, Вячеслав Геннадиевич; Tomilin, V.
2015-12-15Orthopedic methods of treatment of patients with parodontium diseasesТомилин, Вячеслав Геннадиевич; Tomilin, V.