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Название: Modern approaches to complete physical examination and treatment of patients with postoperative ventral hernias
Авторы: Шевченко, Ростислав Станіславович
Шевченко, Ростислав Станиславович
Shevchenko, Rostislav
Брек, Остап Орестович
Breck, Ostap
Artamonov, R.O.
Gramatiuk, S.N.
Граматюк, Светлана Николаевна
Ключевые слова: вентральная грыжа
послеоперационная грыжа
вентральна грижа
післяопераційна грижа
ventral hernia
postoperative hernia
Дата публикации: 2014
Библиографическое описание: Modern approaches to complete physical examination and treatment of patients with postoperative ventral hernias / R. S. Shevchenko, O. O. Breck, R. O. Artamonov, S. N. Gramatiuk // Nauka i Studia. – 2014. – N 8. – P. 90-96.
Аннотация: Treatment results of 135 patients who were operated at the Surgery of Kharkov Municipal Clinical Hospital No17 during 2008-2012 were studied. Allowable radiation exposure, high degree of information content, accurate localization diagnosis, simplicity of performing ultrasound Doppler scan and computer tomography let them take a leading position in diagnosis of postoperative ventral hernias. Usage of modern techniques in examination of patients with PVHs allow to get accurate image of sizes of hernial orifices and hernial sac, expressiveness of degenerative changes in anterior abdominal wall musculo-aponeurotic structures, determine topography of epigastric vessels and characteristics of blood flow in them at preoperative stage. Diagnostic criteria described above give a surgeon the possibility to choose correctly the method of anterior abdominal wall repairing and correspondingly reduce the amount of early postoperative complications and relapses in remote period.
URI: http://repo.knmu.edu.ua/handle/123456789/8444
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