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dc.contributor.authorKnyazkova, I.I.-
dc.identifier.citationKnyazkova I. I. Academician L. T. Malaya – an outstanding scientist of modern times: dedicated to the 95th aniversary / I. I. Knyazkova // Inter collegas. – 2014. – № 1. – P. 5–12.-
dc.description.abstractPresent review is dedicated to the memory of the outstanding scientist, gifted manager, founder of therapeutic and cardiology schols as wel as understanding and sincere person, who is wel-known not only in Ukraine, but also far beyond the borders – Lyubov Trofimovna Malaya. The whole profesional ife of L. T. Malaya is conected with Kharkiv National Medical University. A heightened sense of the new was always inherent in Lyubov Trofimovna. On the initative and under the guidance of L. T. Malaya, a whole range of new high-tech methods of diagnosis and treatment of cardiac disease was developed and implemented in practice, as wel as new highly eficient and economical hospital-substiuting technologies. Lyubov Trofimovna’s natural talent combined with pasionate love for her profesion. She was al focused and striving to help the patient, it was the meaning of her life. The life of Lyubov Trofimovna is a vivid example of selfes service to science, extraordinary versatilty of interests and depth of knowledge. .” Undoubtedly, L. T. Malaya rightfuly belongs to the galaxy of famous Ukrainian therapeutists. I would like to believe that he doctors who have ben lucky enough to work and learn from L. T. Malaya wil pas to new generations a particle of their profesionalism and humanity, and this thread wil never stop runinguk_UA
dc.subjectМалая Л.Т.uk_UA
dc.titleAcademician L.T. Malaya - an outstanding scientist of modern times: dedicated to the 95th aniversaryuk_UA
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