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Title: Diagnostics and treatment of patients with abdominal sepsis
Authors: Криворучко, Ігор Андрійович
Повеличенко, Марина Сергіївна
Тонкоглас, Олександр Аркадійович
Keywords: abdominal sepsis
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: Kryvoruchko I. A. Diagnostics and treatment of patients with abdominal sepsis / I. A. Kryvoruchko, M. S. Povelychenko, A. A. Tonkoglas // Inter collegas. – 2014. – Vol. 1, N 1.– P. 154-164.
Abstract: Investigated 169 patients aged 21 to 78 years at abdominal sepsis is caried out and noted the folowing peculiarites of the main disease: the presence of at least two clinical and laboratory signs of SIRS on clasifcation R.Bone et al. (192), the presence of nidus of infection and enteric insuficiency. Al the patients were operated in 2010-2013. Philosophy of surgical intervention in al patients included two main components: 1) source infection control (the removal or exteriorisation, drainage) and 2) the function control of damage organ. Mortality was 2.4%.
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