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Title: Phthisiology
Authors: Shevchenko, O.S.
Choporova, A.I.
Matveeva, O.S.
Keywords: individual extra-auditorium training
credit-module system
Issue Date: 2011
Citation: Phthisiology : note-book for self-students’ work at home ІV course of higher medical foundation medical faculty with IV level of accreditation / the authors : O. S. Shevchenko, S. L. Matveyeva, A. I. Choporova. – Kharkiv, 2011. – 64 р.
Description: This note-book is recommended for improvement of students’ individual extra-auditorium training. It presents training tasks for mastering of phthіsiology educational program's data. The note-book is created accordingly to credit-module system of education.
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