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Title: The tactics of gingivitis treatment in children with bite pathology
Authors: Denуsova, Olena
Sokolova, Irina Ivanovna
Keywords: gingivitis
gingivitis treatment
orthodontic patients
Issue Date: 10-Apr-2014
Citation: Denysova Ye. G. The tactics of gingivitis treatment in children with bite pathology / Ye. G. Denysova, I. I. Sokolova // Интегративная медицина в челюстно-лицевой хирургии и стоматологи : сборник трудов научно-практической конференции с международным участием «Паринские чтения - 2014», Минск, 10-11 апреля 2014 / под общ. ред. И. О. Походенко-Чудаковой. – Минск : Изд. Центр БГУ, 2014. – С. 353–355.
Abstract: Deterioration of the hygienic condition and the first signs of periodontal inflammation at application of permanent appliance are observed by the end of the 2nd month - beginning of the 3rd month of orthodontic treatment. The obtained findings of the dynamics of digital indicators of hygienic and periodontal indices suggest of a pronounced efficacy of Cholisal® at gingivitis treatment in orthodontic patients.
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