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Title: Biochemical Confirmation of Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Oxicam-Based Pharmaceutical Compositions
Authors: Syrova, Ganna Olegivna
Tishakova, Tetyana Stanislavivna
Levashova, Olga Leonidivna
Savelieva, Olena Valeryivna
Keywords: Anti-inflammatory activity,
pharmaceutical composition,
C-reactive protein.
Issue Date: 26-Dec-2018
Citation: Biochemical Confirmation of Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Oxicam-Based Pharmaceutical Compositions / G. O. Syrova, T. S. Tishakova, O. L. Levashova, O. V. Savelieva // Journal of the Turkish Chemical Society. – 2019. – Vol. 5, Issue 3. – P. 1407–1412.
Abstract: Biochemical confirmation of anti-inflammatory activity of oxicam-based pharmaceutical compositions was performed by the determination of the level of one of the main markers of inflammation-C-reactive protein. Biochemical studies were carried out on laboratory animals (white WAG rats) to study the anti-inflammatory effects of meloxicam, piroxicam, caffeine, and pharmaceutical compositions consisting of meloxicam and caffeine, piroxicam and caffeine compared to the reference drug - sodium diclofenac. The content of CRP in serum of rats was determined using the CRP latex test kit. It was shown that the composition of meloxicam and caffeine reduced the content of CRP by 16 times compared with formalin-induced edema, and by 2 times in comparison with the reference drug diclofenac sodium, which is statistically significantly different from the control.
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