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Title: Phthisiology : handbook for students
Other Titles: Фтизіатрія : посібник для студентів
Authors: Shevchenko, Olga Stanislavna
Matvyeyeva, Svetlana Leonidovna
Choporova, Oleksandra
Keywords: phthisiology
educational material
Issue Date: 2011
Citation: Phthisiology : handbook for students / O. S. Shevchenko, S. L. Matveeva, A. I. Choporova. – Kharkiv : KNMU, 2011. – 108 p.
Abstract: In the handbook has introduced recommendation for mastering question of prevention, diagnostic and timely treatment of tuberculosis. It has presented fill-in for every topics of discipline, theoretical questions, task for individual work (auditorium and extraauditorium), which can help along learning and practical mastering of educational program's data from phthіsiology during individual training and on the practical class. The edition is illustrated by tables. For the students of higher medical foundation IV level of accreditation.
Description: The manual has been compiled in accordance with the credit module system, requirements of the Bologna Process, demands and normative directions of the Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine Phthisiology studying. The education material is divided into eleven thematic modules according to syllabus of the Phthisiatry discipline. The manual is recommended for foreign students of higher medical institutions. The textbook will also be useful for teachers of Phthisiology and pulmonology department and medical doctors of any speciality
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