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Title: Predictors of the formation cardiovascular complications in patients with asthma
Authors: Pasiyeshvili, L.
Pasiyeshvili, T.
Ptushchenko, N.
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: Pasiyeshvili L. Predictors of the formation cardiovascular complications in patients with asthma / L. Pasiyeshvili, T. Pasiyeshvili, N. Ptushchenko // Кардиология на перекрестке наук : тезисы докладов VII Международного конгресса совместно с XI Международным симпозиумом по эхокардиографии и сосудистому ультразвуку, ХXIII ежегодной научно-практической конференцией«Актуальные вопросы кардиологии», Нижний Новгород, Тюмень 11–13 мая 2016 года / Федеральное агенство научных организаций России, Филиал НИИ Кардиологии «Тюменский кардиологический центр». – Н. Новгород ; Тюмень, 2016. – С. 10–11.
Abstract: Pathological genotype of the eNOS gene promoter (CC) prevails in patients with asthma, which can be considered as a basis of the increase the tone of the coronary arteries occurs, tendency to spasm coronary arteries and vasoconstrictor effect the vessels of the pulmonary circulation. These factors can lead to exacerbation of the disease. The predominance of C-allele carriers promoter eNOS gene T-786C leads to the depression enzyme eNOS, which is the cause of reducing the synthesis and release of nitric oxide and endothelial dysfunction. Consequently, carriers CC genotype of the eNOS gene have an increased risk of developing severe forms of asthma and cardiovascular complications.
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