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Title: Human body weight. Anthropometric estimate at the stages of postnatal ontogenesis: osseous component
Authors: Shklyar, Anton Sergiyovych
Barchan, Anna Sergiivna
Khomchenko, M.A.
Pchelnikova, O.Yu.
Omarova, O.N.
Keywords: Human body
osseous component
Issue Date: May-2016
Publisher: Баку
Citation: Human body weight. Anthropometric estimate at the stages of postnatal ontogenesis: osseous component / A. S. Shklyar, A. S. Barchan, M. A. Khomchenko, O. Yu. Pchelnikova, O. N. Omarova // Vəli Yusif Oğlu Axundovun : 100 illik yubileyinə həsr həsr edilmiş elmi-praktik konfransın tezislər / Azərbaycan Respublikası Səhiyyə Nazirliyi, Respublika Dövlət Elmi Tibb Kitabxanası ; elmi redaktor N. M. Kamilova, redaktor müavini Y. U. Pirəliyeva, tərtibçi K. R. Rəsulova. – Baki, 2016. – S. 178–179.
Abstract: On he basis of the direct anthropometry the regularities of body weigh osseous component formation were detected at the stages of postnatal ontogenesis, which became apparent by different frequency of disharmony of body weigh osseous component due to osseous component, first and foremost, among individuals of female sex. Judging by the example and the results of generic implementation of accumulated anthropometric data, the development of traditional methodology of anthropometry, and the substantiated innovative methodology, in particular, it is possible to ensure determination of ontogenetically disharmonic body build due to body weigh osseous component , taking into account the ontogenetic features. Estimation of ontogenetic disharmony of body weigh osseous component is related to anatomy, topographic anatomy, multiple clinical disciplines and may be used while considering the ontogenetic features of the body build in estimation of component analysis of its weight. The findings explain the age-sex differences in the frequency of dysfunctions formation, prenosological and nosologically explained pathological state as manifestations of general process of growth and development in postnatal ontogenesis.
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