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Title: Clinical case: somatopsychic disorder in a female patient with multinodular euthyroid goiter
Authors: Tsopozidis, Christos
Borisenko, Anastasia
Telezhnyi, Andrii
Keywords: goiter
Psychogenic disorders
surgical endocrinology
Issue Date: 19-May-2016
Publisher: Kharkiv National Medical University
Citation: Tsopozidis Ch. Clinical case: somatopsychic disorder in a female patient with multinodular euthyroid goiter / Ch. Tsopozidis, A. Borisenko, A. Telezhnyi // Actual Problems Of Clinical And Theoretical Medicine : Аbstract Book Of IXth International Interdisciplinary Scientific Conference Of Young Scientists And Medical Students (Іnternational Scientific Іnderdisciplinary Сongrence – ISIC), Kharkiv, 19–20 may 2016 / KhNMU. – Kharkiv, 2016. – Р. 314–315.
Abstract: Psychogenic disorders referred to as nosogenies due to the influence of psychotraumatic events associated with somatic disorder. In case of combined impact of a number of adverse factors, the reaction to the disease can become so extreme that its management in the early stages of therapy seems no less important than the direct treatment of somatic condition.
Description: The clinical case demonstrates the difficulty in selecting the tactics of management for such patients due to development of symptoms primarily determined by psycho-emotional tension.
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