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Title: Methodical recommendation for the student’s self work. Topic «Pleurisyand pleural effusion. Etiology, pathogenesis, path morphology, clinical picture, diagnostics, differential diagnosis, treatment»
Authors: Shevchenko, Olga Stanislavna
Matveyeva, Svitlana Leonidivna
Choporova, Oleksandra Ivanivna
Butov, Dmutro Oleksandrovich
Keywords: tuberculosis pleurisy
Pleural effusion
Issue Date: Sep-2016
Publisher: KNMU
Citation: Methodical recommendation for the student’s self work : Educative discipline «Current Problems of Phthisiology and Pulmonology»‖for students of 5 course of 6th medical faculty / composed by: O. C. Shevchenko, S. L. Matveyeva, D. A. Butov, A. I. Choporova ; Ministry of health care of Ukraine, Kharkiv national medical university. – Kharkiv, 2016. – 33 с.
Abstract: Pleural disease remains common, affecting over 3000 people per million population each year. It therefore presents a significant contribution to the workload of respiratory physicians. Pleural disease originates from a wide range of pathologies and a systematic approach to the investigation and management is therefore required. The evaluation of the patient with a pleural effusion requires a systematic history (including the duration of the effusion), physical examination, and pertinent laboratory tests to formulate a prethoracentesis diagnosis. Over 40% of patients with community-acquired pneumonia develop an associated pleural effusion ('para-pneumonic' effusion) and about 15% of these become secondarily infected.
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