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Title: Rational therapy of psoriasis associated with cardiometabolic disorders
Authors: Bilovol, Alla M.
Tkachenko, Svitlana G.
Keywords: cardio metabolic disorders
co morbidity
Issue Date: 23-Feb-2015
Publisher: Kharkiv national medical university
Citation: Bilovol A. M. Rational therapy of psoriasis associated with cardiometabolic disorders / A. M. Bilovol, S. G. Tkachenko // Inter collegas. – 2015. – N 2 (3). - P. 169-177.
Abstract: The risk of cardio metabolic disorders is very high in psoriatic patients that associated with higher mortality. The aim of this study was to search of comorbidity psoriasis and cardio metabolic disorders for development of pathogenetic treatment and to investigate effectiveness of metabolic treatment on dermatological and cardio metabolic indicators of patients suffering on psoriasis combined with cardio metabolic disorders. The study was conducted on two groups of patients. Different cardio metabolic violations were determined in 144 patients of 1 group and 69 patients of 2 group, respectively 78,6 % and 88,5 %. The patients of 1 group (183 examinee) were treated with traditional anti psoriatic therapy, patients of 2 group (78 examinee) were treated with metabolic therapy. The statistically significant difference between indexes in the dynamics of treatment of psoriasis first and second groups has not been detected (р>0,1). – 41 % and 44 % respectively. The more pronounced improvement of all cardio metabolic indicators was revealed in patients receiving metabolic therapy, particularly improvement of sleep (22,9 %), lowering of the blood pressure (59,7 %), decreasing of headaches (43,0 %) and reducing of cardiac dyspnea (22,9 %). The positive dynamics of key parameters of blood, reflecting lipid and carbohydrate metabolism, did not differ significantly between the groups. Using of metabolic therapy of psoriasis combined with cardio metabolic disorders makes possible to avoid medication for cardio metabolic comorbidity correction, or eliminate the use of already assigned symptomatic therapy.
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