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06_Tkachenko_1213_A.pdf.jpg2021Effects of semi-refined carrageenan (food additive E407a) oncell membranes of leukocytes assessed in vivo and in vitroTkachenko, Anton; Onishchenko, Anatolii; Roshal, Alexander; Nakonechna, Oksana; Chumachenko, Tetyana; Posokhov, Yevgen
Regional Innovations_2021_2_34.pdf.jpg2021The science in modern society: opportunities for medical postgraduate studentsProkopiuk, Volodymyr; Onishchenko, Anatolii; Tkachenko, Anton
Regional Innovations_2021_2_33.pdf.jpg2021Scientific talk: analysis of features and mistakesTkachenko, Anton; Prokopiuk, Volodymyr; Onishchenko, Anatolii
10.1515_tb-2020-0129.pdf.jpg2021Changes in cell membranes of white blood cells treated with a common food additive E407aTkachenko, Anton; Onishchenko, Anatolii; Posokhov, Yevgen; Roshal, Alexander; Myasoedov, Valeriy; Nakonechna, Oksana
the-study-of-phospholipid-bilayer-of-cell-membranes-in-leukocytes-incubated-with-high-concentrations-10799.pdf.jpg2021The study of phospholipid bilayer of cell membranes in leukocytes incubated with high concentrations of the food additive E407aTkachenko, Anton; Onishchenko, Anatolii; Roshal, Alexander; Posokhov, Yevgen
IJMS_MDPI_2021.pdf.jpg2021-10-16Experimental Evaluation of Food-Grade Semi-Refined Carrageenan ToxicityPogozhykh, Denys; Posokhov, Yevgen; Myasoedov, Valeriy; Gubina-Vakulyck, Galina; Chumachenko, Tetyana; Knigavko, Oleksandr; Polikarpova, Hanna; Kalashnyk-Vakulenko, Yuliia; Sharashydze, Ketino; Nakonechna, Oksana; Prokopyuk, Volodymyr; Onishchenko, Anatolii; Tkachenko, Anton
Clin Med Kaz_2021.pdf.jpg2021Effects of E407a on the viability, metabolic and functional activity of dermal fibroblastsTkachenko, Anton; Prokopiuk, Volodymyr; Onishchenko, Anatolii; Shevchenko, Maria
2022Intake of semi-refined carrageenan causes low-grade colonic inflammation and alters expression of epithelial-mesenchymal transition markersOnishchenko, Anatolii; Gubina-Vakulyck, Galina; Knigavko, Oleksandr; Sharashydze, Ketino; Pionova, Olena; Butov, Dmytro; Polikarpova, Hanna; Tkachenko, Anton
2022Human HMGB1 does not induce eryptosis in vitroTkachenko, Maryna; Onishchenko, Anatolii; Butov, Dmytro; Butova, Tetyana; Tkachenko, Anton
2022-10-11Cytotoxicity of Hybrid Noble Metal-Polymer CompositesTkachenko, Anton; Virych, Pavlo; Myasoedov, Valeriy; Prokopiuk, Volodymyr; Onishchenko, Anatolii; Butov, Dmytro; Kuziv, Yuliia; Yeshchenko, Oleg; Zhong, Sican; Nie, Guochao; Kutsevol, Nataliya