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2017-09-18Development of communicative potential as an important part of higher medical educationMarakushyn, Dmytro; Karmazina, Iryna; Isaieva, Inna; Hloba, Nataliia
Тезисы Кафедра Физиологии 11.pdf.jpg2016-05-18Contraception: physiological methodsRasanpreet, Kaur; Ekpreet, Kaur; Hloba, Nataliia; Isaieva, Inna; Karmazina, Iryna
Тезисы Кафедра Физиологии 10.pdf.jpg2016-05-18Physiology of nicotine addictionPratibha, Mukherjee; Isaieva, Inna; Hloba, Nataliia
P16_Чернякова.pdf.jpg2016-07-29Dynamics of cytokines concentrations in blood serum of larynx squamous carcinoma patientsKarmazina, Iryna; Cherniakova, A.; Isaieva, Inna; Hloba, Nataliia
Bibhu Charan Nayak.pdf.jpg2007-05-16Application of cardioplegic solution in clinical practiceBibhu, Charan Nayak; Hloba, Nataliia; Isaieva, Inna
Morpho2.pdf.jpg2016-10Role of electron microscopy in early diagnostics of squamous cell papiloma malignizationKarmazina, Iryna; Lukashova, O.; Cherniakova, A.; Isaieva, Inna; Hloba, Nataliia
Physiology FAQ 2018.pdf.jpg2019Physiology. Frequently Asked Questions : reasoning of tests tasks of license exam ”Krok 1”for individual preparation for English-medium studentsМаракушин, Д.І.; Чернобай, Л.В.; Кармазіна, І.С.; Ісаєва, І. М.; Глоба, Н.С.; Alekseienko, Roman; Васильєва, О.В.; Шенгер, С.В.; Гончарова, А.В.; Marakushyn, Dmytro; Chernobay, Larysa; Алексеенко Роман Васильевич; Karmazina, Iryna; Isaieva, Inna; Hloba, Nataliia; Vasylieva, O.; Shenger, S.; Goncharova, Аlina
workbook_respiration_digestion_excretion_2017.pdf.jpg2019Physiology of visceral systems: Respiration. Digestion & Nutrition. Energy metabolism & Thermoregulation. Excretion : manual for individual work of second-year students (English-medium) : workbookЧернобай, Л.В.; Маракушин, Д.И.; Исаева, И.Н.; Кармазина, И.С.; Глоба, Н.С.; Алексеенко, Р.В.; Samokhvalov, V.; Chernobay, Larysa; Marakushyn, Dmytro; Isaieva, Inna; Karmazina, Iryna; Hloba, Nataliia; Alekseienko, Roman
Chernobay, Hloba, Isaeva, Karmazina.pdf.jpg2017-05-18Application of simulation technologies in teaching of theoretical disciplines in medical universityChernobay, Larysa; Hloba, Nataliia; Isaieva, Inna; Karmazina, Iryna
Дубаи сб-к с. 22-25.pdf.jpg2017-09-30Influence of physical activity on organism’s adaptation to changes of weather conditionsHloba, Nataliia; Isaieva, Inna; Karmazina, Iryna; Marakushyn, Dmytro