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Тезисы Кафедра Физиологии 2.pdf.jpg2016-05-18Mukha Individual and typological factors of psychophysiological adaptation of students in case of prolonged exposure to informational stressorChirva, A.; Mukha, K.; Zelenskaya, A.; Hloba, Nataliia
Тезисы Кафедра Физиологии 8.pdf.jpg2016-05-18Methods of diagnostics of learning motivation development in medical students in conditions of informational overloadsNabok, T.; Polyakova, A.; Zelenskaya, A.; Hloba, Nataliia
Тезисы Кафедра Физиологии 9.pdf.jpg2016-05-18Physiological mechanisms of phantom limb syndrome developmentNiranjan, V.; Matundo, M.; Hloba, Nataliia; Grigorenko, N.
Тезисы Кафедра Физиологии 11.pdf.jpg2016-05-18Contraception: physiological methodsRasanpreet, Kaur; Ekpreet, Kaur; Hloba, Nataliia; Isaieva, Inna; Karmazina, Iryna
Тезисы Кафедра Физиологии 4.pdf.jpg2016-05-18Causes and physiological mechanisms of myasthenia gravisDonthula, S.; Hloba, Nataliia; Karmazina, Iryna
Тезисы Кафедра Физиологии 3.pdf.jpg2016-05-18Research of arterial pressure in medical students with individual types of autonomic regulation of organism’s functionsDidova, T.; Sokol, E.; Zelenskaya, A.; Hloba, Nataliia
Тезисы Кафедра Физиологии 10.pdf.jpg2016-05-18Physiology of nicotine addictionPratibha, Mukherjee; Isaieva, Inna; Hloba, Nataliia
Тезисы Кафедра Физиологии 5.pdf.jpg2016-05-18Influence of the effectiveness of proprioceptive sensory system work on formation of adaptation to informational stressorIvanova, V.; Dontsova, O.; Sokol, E.; Hloba, Nataliia
P16_Чернякова.pdf.jpg2016-07-29Dynamics of cytokines concentrations in blood serum of larynx squamous carcinoma patientsKarmazina, Iryna; Cherniakova, A.; Isaieva, Inna; Hloba, Nataliia
Kotsur V.E., Kucherenko I.O., Hloba N.S..pdf.jpg2017-01-16Interdependence of meteosensitivity level and type of higher nervous activity in young peopleKotsur, V.; Kucherenko, I.; Hloba, Nataliia