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dc.contributor.authorIermolenko, Tamara-
dc.contributor.authorKryvoshapka, Oleksandr-
dc.contributor.authorPautina, Olena-
dc.identifier.citationIermolenkoT. I. Dynamics of cytokine blood profile affected by vulnerary medicinal products with different mechanisms of action in the experiment / T. I. Iermolenko, A. V. Krivoshapka, O. I. Pautina // Клінічна фармація. – 2018. – T. 22, № 1. – С. 44–49.ru_RU
dc.description.abstractTopicality. Wound healing depends significantly on the level of proinflammatory cytokines in the focus. Expression of IL-1β, IL-8, TNF-α retain the course of the wound process in the stage of persistent inflammation. By affecting the mechanisms of cytokine regulation of reparative tissue regeneration it is possible to correct the process of wound healing. The application of the topical agents when treating the burns is an important component of the complex therapy. Aim. To study the effect of 10 % methyluracilium ointment and 2% thiotriazoline ointment on proinflammatory cytokines level in the blood serum of rats in the dynamics of the development of thermal burn. Materials and methods. The thermal burn was modeled by the method of Yakovleva L.V. (1999), Fenchin K.M. (1979). Ointments with different mechanisms of action, ointment methyluracil 10 % and ointment tiotriazolin 2 % was used as wound-healing agents. Results and discussion. It has been established experimentally that IL-1β, IL-8, TNF-α cytokines level in the rat blood correlates with the severity of the wound process and the response to the applied treatment. The application of ointments with wound healing activity has led to the significant decrease in proinflammatory cytokines level in the blood of rats and healing of the burn wound in shorter terms. Moreover, as concerns reparative activity, the thiotriazoline ointment is more active than the methyluracil ointment. Conclusions. The use of ointments of methyluracil 10 % and tiotriazoline 2 % with a different wound healing effect in the treatment of burn wound leads to a change in the cytokine profile, which is accompanied by a positive dynamics of healing processes. By the reparative activity ointment of thiotriazoline 2 % exceeds the action of methyluracil ointment.ru_RU
dc.subjectthermal skin burnru_RU
dc.subjectproinflammatory cytokinesru_RU
dc.subjectmethyluracil ointmentru_RU
dc.subjectthiotriazoline ointmentru_RU
dc.titleDynamics of cytokine blood profile affected by vulnerary medicinal products with different mechanisms of action in the experimentru_RU
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