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Dontsova ISIC.pdf.jpg2012The effect of prophylactic application of mouthwashes into microbiocenosis of the oral cavity.Dontsova, Dariya
Gladka_Nitherland.pdf.jpg2012The influence of magnesium drugs to oral liquid mikrocrystallization function in persons with a high caries levelGladka, Olena; Nikitina, Nataliya; Volosova, Oksana
Гронинген.pdf.jpg2012The effectiveness of prophylactic application of mouthwashes according to their impact on microflora of the oral cavityDontsova, Dariya; Ryabokon, Evgeniy
ISIC_Steblyanko.pdf.jpg2012Performance assessment of flowable Composites in treatment of precerical cariesSteblyanko, Anton; Gurieva, Anastasia; Laguta, Vyacheslav; Kishkan, Anton
polska_ryabokon_dnestr.pdf.jpg2016-04-27Influence of the endofluoridation and ultrasonic activation of the sealer on the quality of root canal obturationRyabokon, E.; Рябоконь, Евгений Николаевич; Рябоконь, Євген Миколайович; Днистранский, Вадим Игоревич; Dnestranskiy, V.; Дністранський, Вадим Ігорович; Дністранська, Єлізавета; Dnistranska, Elyzaveta; Sanzharova, Oleksandra; Санжарова, Александра
2013_16_мая (ин-т им. Малой).pdf.jpg2013-05Impact of lecithin-calcium supplements on acid-base status of oral fluid in young persons with cariesVolkova, Olga
isic.pdf.jpg2013Effect of magnesium containing drug on the indicator of oral liquid mineralization in patients with a high level of dental cariesGladka, Olena
129-494-1-PB.pdf.jpg2016-10Microbiological efficacy of photoactivated disinfection and temporary root obturation as an adjunct to the treatment of chronic apical periodontitisZhdanova, Nataliya; Ryabokon, Eugen
2015-05Efficiency in non-surgical treatment phase of patients with severe chronic generalized periodontitis, a preliminary clinical studyCherepinska, Yuliya; Al Salihi Ahmed Ibrahim
polska_ryabokon_garmash.pdf.jpg2016-04-27Dentists view on fetal macrosomiaРябоконь, Евгений Николаевич; Ryaokon, E.; Рябоконь, Євген Миколайович; Гармаш, Ольга Володимирівна; Гармаш, Ольга Владимировна; Garmаsh, Olga; Назаренко, Лариса; Nazarenko, Larysa; Бабаджанян, Евгения; Babajanyan, Eugenia