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2015The specificity of the suffix “-ul” and its combinations in Latin anatomical terminologyLozenko, Viktoriia
2021-05-22Educational aspects of distant learning of latin language and medical terminologyНекрашевич, Тетяна Василівна; Некрашевич, Татьяна Васильевна; Nekrashevich, Tatiana; Okonwo, Emanuella
3913-RREM-13.4.pdf.jpg2021-12Gamification as a New Format of Projects Method in Blended Learning Conditions Studying Disciplines of the Pedagogical CycleNalyvaiko, Oleksii; Zhukova, Oksana; Shvedova, Yaroslava; Ivanenko, Liudmyla; Nekrashevych, Tetiana
2021Trends in the Development of University Education in the Postmodern PeriodNekrashevych, Tetiana; Panasenko, E.; Zhukova, O.; Tsvietkova, H.; Shvedova, Y.
Derevyanchenko Self-instruction Students` Guide...2nd year students.pdf.jpg2021-12-16Self-instruction Students` Guide on the elective discipline «Prescription: history, grammar and peculiarities of prescribing of medicinal forms» for the 2nd year students (Specialty 222 «General medicine»)Derevyanchenko, Natalya; Diurba, Dina; Lebed, Julia; Tolstykh, Natalia
Derevyanchenko The Elective Disciplsne Prescription...Practical Classes II year...medicine.pdf.jpg2021-12-16The Elective Discipline «Prescription: History, Grammar and Peculiarities of Prescribing Medicine Forms» Students` Guide to Practical Classes for the 2nd Year Students (Specialty 222«General medicine»)Derevyanchenko, Natalya; Lozenko, Viktoriia; Perekrest, Maryna
Derevyanchenko Prescription Teachers` practical...2 year studentes.pdf.jpg2021-01-16Prescription: history, grammar and peculiarities of prescribing of medicinal forms Teachers’ guide to practical classes for the 2nd year students (Specialty 222 «General medicine»)Derevyanchenko, Natalya; Lytovska, Olexandra; Nekrashevich, Tetiana
2020The correlation between the concept “Englishness” and the image of an island in the literary works of the first half of the XXth centuryLozenko, Viktoriia; Лозенко, Вікторія Василівна; Лозенко, Виктория Васильевна
2021-06-04Topical issues of teaching latin to the foreign students of pharmacyХаритонова, Наталія Вікторівна; Харитонова, Наталия Викторовна; Kharytonova, Natalya
2021-06-04Mythopoetics play “The unburied dead” by Jean Paul SartreПерекрест, Марина Ігорівна; Перекрест, Марина Игоревна; Perekrest, Maryna