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Title: Melanoma
Authors: Панасенко, В'ячеслав Олексійович
Панасенко, Вячеслав Алексеевич
Panasenko, Viacheslav
Дядичев, А.В.
Dyadichev, A. V.
Keywords: шкіра
Issue Date: May-2015
Publisher: ХНМУ
Citation: Dyadichev A. V. Melanoma / A. V. Dyadichev, V. A. Panasenko // 8th International Scientific Interdisciplinary Conference (ISIC) for medical students and young doctors, Kharkiv, 14–15 May 2015 : аbstract book / KhNMU. – Kharkiv, 2015. – Р. 16–18.
Abstract: At first sight, there is very simple to protect ourselves from developing of melanoma we just mustn’t have sun bathes in the midday, but as shows statistics with 8% of melanomas accidents are caused by genetics. The second ones are something that we still cannot prevent. To sum up, melanoma is a serious skin cancer that can affect different organs. There are four stages of melanoma, different for severity. To prevent development of melanoma, we should protect our skin from straight sun rays and regulate quantity of mutagenes in our life.
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